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ZBA, Inc. ZB3062 Imager Turns Heads and Wins Design-ins
Hillsborough, New Jersey -- ZBA, Inc. (Hillsborough, NJ) announces its latest product release with the ZB3062 Handheld Area Imager. With its durable exterior, the ZB3062 is designed for everyday use. Key product reliability includes meeting IP42 dustproof and waterproof standards as well as drop testing from 1.5 meters.

The ZB3062 is ideal and targeted for use in applications requiring information-rich 2D barcodes, such as hospitals, pharmacies, libraries, government tax bureaus, customs, industrial, automotive, and more. Interfaces include RS-232, USB (HID) and USB (VCOM port).

\"The state-of-the-art scanning performance incorporates a CMOS image sensor which is lightning fast and accurate,\" states Thomas Bisconti, ZBA Vice President. \"Our design also features image capture and reads 2D symbologies such as MaxiCode, DataMatrix, QR Code, Aztec, PDF417 and of course, a plethora of 1D symbologies.\"

The ZB3062 will read under direct sunlight, has plug and play connectivity and an aiming line which ensures ease of use in reading a wide variety of barcodes. This product is extremely durable, has no moving parts and has been qualified with repeated trigger depressions and long range drop tests.

The ZB3062 can also be used in its hands free stand with its user friendly ergonomics. The scanner programming flexibility allows for many different options, data parsing etc. \"The ZB3062 has impressed the hospital and medical applications and continues to win in those venues\" states Bisconti.

\"The highly sensitive CMOS imager in combination with the robust decode algorithms provide excellent performance when reading barcodes transmitted to cell phones or other LCD screens\" adds Victor Zazzu, ZBA Engineering Vice President. \"This product has won in virtually every application we have placed for qualification, adds Zazzu. The ZB3062 is powered by the Honeywell (HHP) integrated scan engine to ensure solid performance all the time every time.

About ZBA, Inc. ZBA, Inc. is a long established and recognized leader in Auto ID, Wireless Data Communication, Secure Optically Variable Devices (OVDs), and related OEM Engineering Services.

Our high-performance barcode and data collection product include a complete line of readers and ruggedized, handheld portable terminals. ZBA\'s Bluetooth wireless products (www.bluetoothmodules.net) range from OEM modules to plug-n-play adapters. Our OVDs (www.secureovd.com) complement and are typically integrated with other more conventional measures which in combination deliver unsurpassed protection for our customers security sensitive applications.

ZBA supports multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors. Customers in over one hundred countries rely on ZBA which is headquartered in Hillsborough, New Jersey where primary engineering and marketing are also located.

For additional information concerning ZBA products and services, please send an email to sales@zbausa.com, visit www.zbausa.com or call toll-free: 1-866-GoToZBA (468-6922).