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ZBA, Inc. Delivers Brake Monitoring Performance With NBS Innovative Solutions
Hillsborough, New Jersey -- ZBA, Inc. (Hillsborough, NJ) has teamed with NBS Innovative Solutions (Ontario, Canada) to supply their hallmark Bluetooth modules (BT44-191S) into NBS\'s brake monitoring designs. The ZBA Bluetooth modules are used as a wireless connection between a transport truck and trailer to transmit our proprietary brake monitoring information to the driver, states Jerid LeClair, NBS engineer.

\"This benefits the driver in that he can now know the status of his trailer brakes before going through inspection stations\", adds Thomas Bisconti, ZBA Sales and Marketing Vice President.

\"There is another application design with ZBA we have qualified which is a wireless dump of data logged brake data\", notes LeClair. When an equipped vehicle returns to the truck yard, data logged information is dumped and then sent to a database which is internet accessible, states LeClair. This benefits the fleet owner in that they can have an up to date view of the brake status of their entire fleet at a glance.

\"This design also benefits the fleet maintenance department as they can better determine when to bring a particular vehicle in for brake service\", notes Bisconti.

\"ZBA delivered a low cost wireless solution and the support necessary to close the design promptly and get into certification and subsequent production promptly, adds LeClair. The ZBA modules are an excellent fit for these two (2) applications and our existing technology.

About ZBA, Inc. ZBA, Inc. is a long established and recognized leader in Auto ID, Wireless Data Communication, Secure Optically Variable Devices (OVDs), and related OEM Engineering Services.

Our high-performance barcode and data collection product include a complete line of readers and ruggedized, handheld portable terminals. ZBA\'s Bluetooth wireless products (www.bluetoothmodules.net) range from OEM modules to plug-n-play adapters. Our OVDs (www.secureovd.com) complement and are typically integrated with other more conventional measures which in combination deliver unsurpassed protection for our customers security sensitive applications.

ZBA supports multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors. Customers in over one hundred countries rely on ZBA which is headquartered in Hillsborough, New Jersey where primary engineering and marketing are also located.

For additional information concerning ZBA products and services, please send an email to sales@zbausa.com, visit www.zbausa.com or call toll-free: 1-866-GoToZBA (468-6922).