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ZBA, Inc. and Logos Management Software Automate Church Applications With the ZB8150
Hillsborough, New Jersey – ZBA, Inc. (Hillsborough, NJ) has announced their partnership with Logos Management Software (Santa Paula, CA) to interface their ZB8150 Long Range CCD scanner to the Logos Management program.

“The ZBA ZB8150 has allowed Logos clients to be able to affect a one-second check in and, when needed, print out name tags and other critical information”, cites Thomas Bisconti, ZBA Vice President Sales/Marketing. “The ZBA barcode readers are also used to identify numbered donation envelopes which gives us instant, accurate information. They can be operated as hand-held units or set in stands for \"hands-free\" operation”, states Bisconti.

“We recommended the ZBA ZB8150 Long Range CCD Scanner because it is durable, ergonomically designed, and scans easily within a 12\" range. The ZB8150 has continued to exceed the standards of the marketplace for long range scanning”, notes Bisconti. “We continue to report 0% rejects at our customers’ incoming inspection”, adds Bisconti. “We are backing this exquisite performance with world class customer service, LiveChat via our website and the absolute best technical support in the industry.” ZBA also boasts a 5 yr. limited warranty and previously ran a special promotion to solicit any failures that customers have experienced, regardless of the warranty status. “We have seen so few ZB8150 problems that we wanted our customers to send some to us, even if they were out of warranty”, offers Bisconti. We planned to repair or replace them for FREE.

About ZBA, Inc. ZBA, Inc. is a long established and recognized leader in Auto ID, Wireless Data Communication, Secure Optically Variable Devices (OVDs), and related OEM Engineering Services.

Our high-performance barcode and data collection product include a complete line of readers and ruggedized, handheld portable terminals. ZBA’s Bluetooth wireless products (www.bluetoothmodules.net) range from OEM modules to plug-n-play adapters. Our OVDs (www.secureovd.com) complement and are typically integrated with other more conventional measures which in combination deliver unsurpassed protection for our customers’ security sensitive applications.

ZBA supports multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors.

Customers in over one hundred countries rely on ZBA which is headquartered in Hillsborough, New Jersey where primary engineering and marketing are also located.

For additional information concerning ZBA products and services, please send an email to sales@zbausa.com, visit www.zbausa.com or call toll-free: 1-866-GoToZBA (468-6922). About Logos Management Software, Inc. Logos Management Software (www.logoscms.com) is a leading developer of high-quality, innovative solutions for churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations. Logos creates and supports a full range of advanced management software and support for organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Logos provides both Windows desktop and Web-based applications, allowing organizations a range of choices for their system environment. Logos seeks to aid its client organizations to efficiently manage information and communication, enabling them to better fulfill their mission objectives. Logos Management Software is located in Santa Paula, California. For additional information on Logos products, please email info@logoscms.com, visit www.logoscms.com or call toll-free 1-800-266-3311.