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ZBA PDL-20-4 Hand Held Portable Data Terminal KIT

The ZBA PDL-20 integrates barcode laser scanning into an ergonomically designed, user-friendly unit.  Sized like a modern cellular phone, users can operate the extensive features of the PDL-20 with the convenience of one-handed operation.

The PDL-20 comes with a 96-character backlit display which allows the user to access key information even in low-light conditions.  With up to 2MB of internal SRAM memory available, thousands of barcodes can be stored and an independent rechargeable Lithium-ion backup prevents data loss due to battery loss. The PDL-20 comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The terminal has the capability to scan 12 barcodes per minute for up to 100 hours.

The PDL-20 is fully programmable with a user-friendly Windows-based task-generator.  Communications can be done via USB VIrtual com port, or IrDA, or RS-232C for convenient data management.



  • Integrated laser scan functionality
  • Convenient, one-handed operation
  • Ergonomic, modern cellular phone styling
  • Built-in 96-character LCD
  • 2MB internal memory
  • Upload Data to PC via IrDA or RS-232C cradle
  • Extended battery life enables over 100 hours of scanning
  • PC-based task generator for customize applications
  • Convenient belt clip