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Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verifier

The ZBA Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verifier can Write, Read and Verify any combination of up to three tracks of magnetic information with a single swipe. An audible tone and a visual LED signal indicate a successful operation. The Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verifier can write and verify both High and Low coercivity magnetic cards, and can write and read all ISO 7811, AAMVA and California Driver#39s license, and custom data formats. The Writer comes with a user friendly windows program that will allow you to write and read any type of magnetic cards. Customized software is available upon request. A RS232 interface is available for the Universal Magnetic Write/Reader/Verifier. A power supply is included.The available color is Beige.



  • Write/Read/Verify up to any combination of three tracks
  • Write/Read/Verify magnetic card in just a single swipe
  • ISO 7811, AAMVA and DMV Compliant with standard software Custom data format is available Software is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Selectable Hi/Low coercivity card
  • Magnetic Write and Read Heads have 1 Million Swipe Life specification
  • FCC Part 15 Class A and CE Mark
  • One-year warranty