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OEM Card Insertion Reader

OEM Card Insertion Reader Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card, or Hybrid

The ZBA Insertion Card Reader can read any combination of up to three tracks of magnetic information on both the insertion or removal of a magnetic card.  An audible tone and a visual LED signal indicate a successful read.  The Insertion Reader accepts both high and low coercivity magnetic cards.  Customers have a choice of a single magnetic reading head or dual heads.  There are three choices of bezel style to choose from.  USB, RS232 or TTL interfaces are available.  Optional as a Hybrid Reader with integrated Smart Card Reader. Also available as an IC Card, CPU/Memory card Reader without magnetic stripe.

The reader module has an exceptionally small footprint.  A separate molded bezel attaches to the reader\'s chassis to guide the card.  The manual insertion reader offers reliable and durable card reading solutions for every OEM application and is ideal for kiosk, vending machine, gas pump, and ATM applications. Combining smart card and magnetic stripe technologies with unparalleled read accuracy, all of our readers feature options for customizing to your particular needs.  Delivering up to 1,000,000 insertions with ISO-conforming cards, you can depend on ZBA\'s insertion readers to perform throughout the years of real-world use.

We can deliver in the configuration customized for your needs.  Let\'s talk about it!  You can reach us by phone at 908-359-2070 or by e-mail at techsupport@zbausa.com.


  • Clock and data interface
  • Reads both Hi/Low Co.
  • Hundreds of models to choose from
  • Low-cost, high-quality design
  • Customization available
  • Bi-directional read capability
  • Reads magnetic stripe cards that conform to ISO 7811, ANSI and AAMVA
  • EMV level 1 certified.
  • Reads/writes Smart Cards that conform to ISO 7816
  • Supports Memory and CPU cards T=1 / T=0
  • IC card landing and lock capability
  • Up to 1,000,000 passes with ISO-conforming cards