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ZB8150 Long Range CCD Scanner

The durable and ergonomically designed ZB-8150 is the best-value handheld scanner in its class. This CCD scanner replaces traditional laser bar code scanners with high-speed scanning at a lower cost. The ZB-8150 has a high intensity aiming line and captures bar codes from as far away as 300 mm. Scans at 200 scans per second by use of our patented Digi-Decode technology. This scanner is easy to aim and scans codes in any lighting environment. The ZB-8150 features both handheld and fixed position modes, as well as long-range activation and an adjustable stand (optional) for handsfree operation. Flash ROM with Meteor upgrade utility is included.



Durable and ergonomically designed.

High intensity aiming line.

Scanning speed 200 scans/sec.

Good read LED indicator and tone programmable beeper.

Built-in decoder allows automatic recognition and decoding of most popular barcode symbologies.

Minimum resolution of 0.1mm (4mil) and reading distance of 0-300mm.

USB, RS-232C, or Keyboard Emulation Interfaces.

Long-range activation.

Adjustable stand (optional).

Upgradable Flash ROM.