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Bluetooth Class 2 Evaluation Board

This Evaluation Board can be used to quickly test The functionality of the Bluetooth Modules provided by ZBA. Included in the pacakge are all of the necessary items that are required to connect two computers together, via both a physical (DB9) and virtual communication port (USB). The BT44-Evaluation board supports both SPP in a point (Master) to point (Slave) mode and point (Master) to multipoint (Slaves) mode.


FEATURES: Operating Frequency Band 2.40 GHz~2.48GHz unlicensed ISM Band Bluetooth Spec. v2.0 Compliant EDR Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) compliant with v2.0.E.2 of specification for both 2Mbps and 3Mbps modulation modes Contains the BT44-191S Class 2 module Support Firmware Upgrade USB 2.0 and UART Host Interface PCM Audio Interface with on board Codec Includes AC Wall Adapter Power Supply, DB9 Serial Cable, SPI interface cable, and Bluetooth USB dongle Also includes an additional BT44-191S or BT44-191C module. Low Power Modes Available: Park, Sniff, Hold and Deep Sleep Standard Firmware Serial Port Profile. Optional support for Piconet as Master. Other Profiles such as HCI access over the UART, FTP OBEX are available upon request Same Command set as BT44-191C, BT44-147S amp BT44-111S BT44-191-EVALkit Data article in Electronic Design