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Holographic Latency Image Detector
If you desire to have customized labels then we can design in hidden holographic latency image. This latency image is formed using a special holographic re-combination technique. The exact technique is very specific to the holographic companies equipment and it is very difficult to counterfeit. The technique can be used in combination with any of the previously described tamper evident features of the holographic labels. The hidden latency image does not show at all on the label and cannot be seen visually even under a microscope. Detecting the latency image is made quite simple using this low cost holographic viewer

FEATURES: Low cost Simple to use Recessed Switch tp prevent accidental turn-on. Operates on 2 AAA batteries. Compact in size fits easily in shirt pocket. 1mW Red laser light source. Laser on indicator light. Can be customized with company logo if desired.