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Holographic Tamper Evident Label with Circle Destruct
The Circle Destruct Taper Evident Holographic Label starts out life as a standard Hologram Label with a few enhancements. When you attempt to remove the label from the object that is adhered to the label will destruct in the pattern shown with a alternating weak and strong adhesive. The metalized layer is alternately patterned with two adhesives that will alternate between a) weakly attach to the clear PET carrier of the hologram and b) strongly attach to the substrate in a checkerboard pattern. This can be seen from the example in the figure. Additional Patterns such as VOID may also be used

FEATURES: Low cost Simple to use Easy to Detect. Works well on many different surfaces. SECURE GENUINE Holographic effect. Available in Metalized or See through hologram. Customized Artwok available: including a) Holographic Latency image. b) 3- Dimensional Holographic effects c) Company specific logos Customized dimensions available. Available in VOID Pattern.