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Holographic Tamper Evident Label w/Vinyl Backing
The Vinyl Backed Taper Evident Holographic Label starts out life as a standard Hologram Label with a few enhancements. The holographich material is hot-stamped to an extremely fragile Vinyl substrate. Any attempt to remove the label from the object that it has been adhered to will most certainly result in the destruction of the label integrity. The vinyl backing is very fragile and will most certainly tear if there is any attempt to remove the label. The torn label would be very obvious to anyone visually checking the label.

FEATURES: Low cost Simple to use Extremely fragile vinyl backing - Cannot be removed intact Easily detectable Works well on many different surfaces. SECURE GENUINE Holographic effect. Available in Metalized or See-through hologram. Customized Artwok available. Customized dimensions available. Customized Laser Etching and serialized barcode available.