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Z-2121 Portable Data Terminal with 1D Laser Scanner

The ZBA Z-2121 integrates barcode laser scanning and Wireless communication into an ergonomically designed, user-friendly unit. Sized like a modern cellular phone, users can operate the extensive features of the ZB-2121 with the convenience of one-handed operation. The ZB-2121 powered with a powerful 32 bit microprocessor comes with a 96-character backlit display which allows the user to access key information even in low-light conditions. With up to 2MB of internal SRAM memory available, thousands of barcodes can be stored and an independent rechargeable Lithium-ion backup prevents data loss due to lack of main battery power. The ZB-2121 comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The terminal has the capability to scan 12 barcodes per minute for up to 100 hours. for operation in noisy enviroments where the Good read beeper may not be able to be heard the ZB-2121 contains a vibration motor. The ZB-2121 is fully programmable with a user-friendly Windows-based task-generator. Communications can be done via class 1 Bluetooth (SPP profile), or USB VIrtual com port, or RS-232C for convenient data management.



  • Integrated 1D laser scanner Convenient, one-handed operation
  • Ergonomic, modern cellular phone styling Built-in 96-character LCD 2MB internal memory
  • Upload Data to PC via IrDA or RS-232C cradle
  • Extended battery life enables over 100 hours of scanning
  • Batteries can be recharged directly via the USB connection
  • PC-based task generator for customize applications
  • Convenient belt clip