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· Are the BT44-191C, - 191S, -147, and -111S Compliant To The Bluetooth Specifications?
· I Have a Class 1 Device & Class 2 Bluetooth Device Connected To Each Other What Range Can I Expect?
· How Can I Get Into The Set-Up Mode To Change Some Parameters?
· Can I Connect The Bluetooth Module UART Pins Directly To My 5 Volt Microprocessor UART Port?
· Can I Connect The UART Pins of the modules listed above directly to my Computer RS232 Serial Port
· I need Point-to-Multipoint Bluetooth Connections; What should I do?
· How do I upgrade my Modules firmware?
· What Kind Of Range Can I Expect With the ZBA Bluetooth modules?
· What Does A Class 1, Or Class 2, or Class 3 Device Mean?
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