Holder for ZB8150 Scanner

Holder for ZB8150 Scanner

Holder for ZB8150 Scanner

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The 8150S stand is designed for use with the ZB8150 CCD Scanner (Scanner sold separately). The 8150S securely holds the ZB8150 scanner in place. The stand features a flexible, adjustable goose neck which allows the user to set it in a fixed position for both handheld and handsfree operation. NOTE: This stand can also be used with the ZB8250 CCD Scanner w/PDF417 (Scanner sold separately).


Features Adjustable goose neck Durable, hard plastic Stable, weighted base Movable Color coordinated to match ZB8150 Scanner

Product General Specification

Stands 11 inches tall in full upright position Base measures 5 1/2 inches x 6 inches

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