ZXM-10BLE Embedded Low energy Bluetooth v4.0 Module

ZXM-10BLE Embedded Low energy Bluetooth v4.0 Module

ZXM-10BLE Embedded Low energy Bluetooth v4.0 Module

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The ZXM-10BLE module (is based on the TI CC2540) is a cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) module with on-board antenna for Bluetooth low energy applications. It enables robust BLE master or slave nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs. The ZXM-10BLE combines an excellent RF transceiver with an industry-standard enhanced 8051 MCU, in-system programmable flash memory, 8-KB RAM, and many other powerful supporting features and peripherals. The ZXM-10BLE is suitable for systems where very low power consumption is required. Very low-power sleep modes are available. Short transition times between operating modes further enable low power consumption. The ZXM-10BLE Bluetooth module is compliant with the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE standard. The module can function as a serial data pass-through, PIO input and output control, PWM output control functions. The module has two operating modes: a) command mode and b) data mode. In the data mode the module can be operated as a Bluetooth Master or a Slave. When the module is in the command mode the user can send the AT commands. These commands include the modulersquos configuration parameters. The ZXM-10 BLE module has a mode Status indicator pin that will be low if the module is in the command mode and high if the module is in the DATA mode. Typically, a LED is connected to a PIO pin as to provide a visual indicator of the modules operational mode. The switch from command mode from data mode is automatic once the wireless connection has been terminated.


FEATURES: Operating Frequency Band 2.40 GHz~2.48GHz unlicensed ISM Band Bluetooth Low energy Spec. v4.0 compliant based upon the TI CC2540 Class 2 type Output Powerup to 4.5dBm Configurable as Master or Slave Optional I2C communications USARTs with support for several serial protocols (Default Profile is SPP emulation) 17 general-purpose I/O pins Can be Controlled via AT command set Full RAM and register retention in all power modes Nominal supply voltage at 3.3Vplusmn10 Surface-mount, Size: 27.0mmtimes13.0mmtimes2.2mm ?Tolerance plusmn0.2mm Multiple Profiles supported (Contact ZBA)

Product General Specification

Carrier Frequency Modulation Channel Bandwidth Number of Channels Frequency Hopping Receive Sensitivity Transmission Power Maximum Data Throughput Output Interface Power Supply Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Dimensions Antenna 2402MHz to 2480MHz in 2MHz steps GFSK, 1Mbps, 250KHz deviation 1MHz 1600hops/sec, 1MHz channel space 40 -87 dBm typ. @0.1 BER 4dBm max. Asynchronous : 1 Mbps Full speed UART 3.3V plusmn10 -20AcircdegC to 85AcircdegC -40AcircdegC to 85AcircdegC 27.0mmtimes13.0mmtimes2.2mm meandering Line PCB


Medical Equipment POS Systems Telemetry Systems Industrial Automation PCs, PDAs PCMCIA, RS-232C Adapters Digital Cameras Automotive Barcode and RFID scanners Lighting Control Robotics Computer Accessories?? Mice, Keyboard Joysticks Printer Adapters Access Point to LAN/Dial Up Network

Product Ordering PN

ZXM-10BLE-SPP-U ZXM-10BLE-SPP-I Class 2 Bluetooth Module with on board antenna and Serial Port Profile over UART Class 2 Bluetooth Module with on board antenna and Serial Port Profile over I2C Optional ZXM-10BLE-SPP-U PC adapter board may be purchased seperately