ZB-5130 Single-Line Fixed Position Scanner

ZB-5130 Single-Line Fixed Position Scanner

ZB-5130 Single-Line Fixed Position Scanner

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The ZBA ZB-5130M is a High Performance CCD scan module that comes in a compact form factor. The ZB-5130M is the perfect choice for embedded scanning solutions, especially in space limited applications such as gaming machines, blood analyzers and kiosks. Weighing in at only 15g, this lightweight and miniature scan module possesses outstanding scan performance. The ZB-5130M is based on a CCD scan engine with a bright and narrow LED Illumination source, as similar in nature to a laser line, that gives the user visual feedback on the positioning of the scanner. The ZB-5130M is designed with a high resolution CCD sensor providing outstanding scan performance on narrow barcodes. Included in the design of the ZB-5130M is a testing button allowing immediate scan results to provide the enduser / system integrator immediate feedback with respect to the positioning of the scanner in the system. The module has a mounting hole on the bottom of the case to allow for easy mounting into any OEM design.



High resolution linear imager Laser like illumination source Ultra-compact in size Wide scan width and narrow scan line Durable case Supports both RS-232, Serial, or USB interface. Full speed USB with support for USB HID keyboard or USB Virtual COM port emulation Wide power operation range from 3 ~ 5.5V DC High Speed 32-bit control microprocessor Outstanding scanning performance up to 330 scans per second Test Button for quick and efficient debugging Visual and audible status indicators

Product General Specification

OPERATIONAL Light Source 617 nm visible LED Optical System 2,500 pixels CCD Depth of Field 40 - 280 mm (UPC/EAN 100, PCS90) Scan Rate up to 330 scans per second Minimum Bar Width 0.1 mm (4 mil) (Code 39, PCS90,) Print Contrast 30 @ UPC/EAN 100 Indicators quotOKquot,quotNGquot, quotPWRquot (LED) and TEST button Beeper Operation Programmable tone amp beep time System Interfaces RS-232C, HID USB, USB-Serial Virtual COM Port Emulation PHYSICAL Height 16.2 mm Depth 39.2 mm Width 27.0 mm Weight 15 g (excluding the cable) POWER Input Voltage 5 VDC /- 10 Operating Current 120 mA typical REGULATORY EMC CE amp FCC DOC compliance, VCCI, BSMI ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature 0degC - 50degC (32degF - 104degF) Storage Temperature -20degC - 60degC (-4degF - 140degF) Humidity 5 - 95 RH (non-condensing) Light Levels 0 to 100,000 Lux


Data collection computers Point-of-sale terminals Price checker Parking kiosks Lottery amp Gaming Machine Bank ATMs Electronic scales Robotic automation Medical instruments Blood analyzers

Product Ordering PN

ZB-5130MU ZB-5130MUR ZB-5130MR USB-HID (Keyboard Emulation)Compact Fixed Position CCD Barcode Scanner USB-Virtual COM Port (Serial) Compact Fixed Position CCD Barcode Scanner Serial Compact Fixed Position CCD Barcode Scanner- DB9 Female